Pete Dobbs

PetePic.jpgNearly before I could walk, okay maybe a wee little stretch, I took an interest in my dad's camera and the photographs he'd take of our very young 1950-60's family and of the beautiful mountain scenes of Tennessee, especially in the fall season. I took photos as well, but without a camera.  I was so very small and young, but my photos were taken through my eyes and locked tight in my memory. I have carried these memories forever, safely stowed and protected - waiting on today - to use them as my inspiration and motivation for capturing beauty in all forms - the same beauty I witnessed and observed as young boy.


Born in Oak Ridge, TN, in 1954

Moved to Huntsville, AL in the early 60's when my father accepted a job as an engineer on Redstone Arsenal.

Graduated in 1973 from Grissom High School

Proudly served in the US Navy from 1973-1977

Graduated from Auburn University in 1981 with a degree in geology

I am married to a beautiful lady, Mary Beth, and we have two wonderful boys, Pete, and Jacob.

Worked offshore in the petroleum industry for a year before accepting a position with the US Government as an environmental technician. I continue to work for the government in other capacities and have enjoyed a fantastic career complete with the best assignments ever, including 4 deployments to Iraq.