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Posted by pete on
Does this work?
Posted by Storm on
Such a beautifully growing site!! Amazing!!
Posted by Gayle Lee on
Awesome pictures Pete.    Making great pictures is gift
Posted by Andy on
Love it Pete! Too many favorites to list, but fox and cardinal are near the top!
Posted by Kim Johnson on
Saw you on WHNT 19 news tonight and just had to check out your website. You take such beautiful pictures. God has bless you with a wonderful talent!!
Posted by Shirley on
I also saw the piece about you & your photography on the TV tonight. Took my breath away. You
truly have a great talent. I am a nature lover & loved all of your pic's
Posted by patrick on
Amazing photos Pete. Saw you on WHNT and loved your pictures. I especially loved your Green Mountain photo of the covered bridge with the windows illuminated. Are your photos available for purchase?
Posted by Ramona Hall on
I also saw your beautiful photography on WHNT tonight..Just had to go to your site and check it out..Beautiful, Beautiful is all I can say..Keep it up and I will return to see other pictures that you have taken...
Posted by Kerry Robinson on
Hi Pete saw your piece on WHNT, great shots! I just recently bought a camera and trying to learn this new hobby and seeing your work is inspiring. Keep up the excellent work!
Posted by Cheryl Glover on
Hi Pete. I saw you on WHNT and was pleasantly surprised to learn about your awesome photography skills! I recently bought a digital camera because I've always dreamed of being able to take beautiful pictures. Your story inspired me to press on. Thanks!
Posted by Pete on
All -- Thank you all so very much for your sweet comments! Please join me on facebook if you have an account. I love to share much of my work via facebook because of the significant audience it reaches and because I can upload photos quickly. The web requires a little additional effort and will always get updated, it's just slower. I will have a business end to the website very soon!! Happy New Year to each of you!! 
Posted by Kimberly Butler on
As you well know Pete, I live on Green Mountain. However, it took seeing it through your eyes to truly appreciate its incredible beauty.  I thank you for that!
Posted by Cari Sauer on
I love your photos and enjoy them everyday with your posts on facebook. I look forward to upcoming occasions to use you to document these events with you wonderful eye and photos. You do such an incredible job.
Posted by admin on
To all of my friends and guests who have graciously commented on my photography... my deepest apologies for having not responded sooner. As a new webmaster, a second page of comments went totally unseen by me until on recently. I will contact each of you with a reply, although almost 10-months late. Thank you again for taking the time to write a comment on my site! Pete
Posted by Donna Prickett on
Your work is beautiful.....
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